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Image by Madara Parma


We can never obtain peace in the outer world 

until we make peace with ourselves.

Dalai Lama

Life gets complicated. Alongside the celebrations of life we also experience sadness, frustration, and anxiety. Individual counseling can you navigate these rough waters so you can gain clarity about yourself and your relationships. We are committed to understanding you from a strengths-based and holistic point of view that honors the intersection of our multicultural identities and unique backgrounds.


We draw from evidence-based therapeutic modalities in our work with adults age 18+. Some topics you can discuss in therapy include . . .


  • The experience of being a member of a marginalized group who experiences discrimination and oppression.

  • Being an immigrant or bicultural individual who struggles with acculturation, culture clash, or interpersonal conflict because of differences in cultural values.

  • Coming out in the LGBTQ+ community, being a trans person, and the transition process. 

  • Exploring the role of religion and/or spirituality when they feel in conflict with other parts of your identity.

  • College, graduate, and professional (e.g., medical, law, veterinary) student identity.

  • Understanding relationship problems and identifying patterns that get in the way of healthy and productive living.

  • Past traumas and traumatic stress.

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