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Image by Duy Pham

Community Resource:
Local Groups

Though PEAK is not currently running groups in-house,

we are pleased to share these valuable resources offered by our esteemed colleagues in the community:

Monthly Neurodiversity-Affirming

Yoga Group

Led by Jenny Leung, LMFT, RYT in Wallingford

Perimenopause Support Group

Offered by Blooming Leaf Counseling in Redmond

Mindfulness Skills Group

Led by Ryah Coluccio at Riverbank Therapy on Zoom

Hospicing Zionism: Cognitive, Somatic, & Ritual Practice Toward Jewish Recovery

Led by Stacey Prince, PhD, SEP & Simon Wolff, SEP on Zoom

Body Image and Embodiment Support Group

Led by Abby Behar, LICSWA at Riverbank Therapy on Zoom

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