Evaluation & Testing

Psychological evaluation is supervised by Dr. Sophia Rath. We conduct comprehensive testing and assessment services for youth and adults. This includes evaluation for:

  • Diagnostic clarification

  • Attentional ability (e.g., Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

  • Academic functioning (e.g., learning difficulties and giftedness)

  • Gender-affirmation procedures

  • Court proceedings as ordered by a judge (e.g., forensic evaluation)

  • Circumstances that support post-immigration asylum/residency/citizenship


Evaluations include an in-depth report that documents our diagnostic impressions, recommendations for support services, and strategies for helping you succeed. 

What Does ADHD Look Like?

ADHD can look different person to person. Some common symptoms include:

  • Getting easily distracted or switching too quickly between activities

  • Forgetfulness and missing attention to details

  • Interrupting others or zoning out during conversations

  • Restlessness and/or trouble relaxing

  • Difficulty controlling emotions and/or impulsive behaviors

  • Difficulty managing time, priorities, and organization

What Does a Learning Disability Look Like?

Learning disabilities can show up as problems with reading, writing, math, and/or oral language comprehension. Some common symptoms include:

  • Academic underperformance, even after spending a lot of time studying.

  • Difficulty understanding or following directions

  • Feeling slow or academically behind your peers.